eTools for wound

Wound disease is usually measured by means of woud size, a clinical evaluation (e.g. TIME-scheme) and a patient-reported outcome, in particular quality of life as measured by WoundQoL. A single pain NRS or VAS may also be recommended.

Patient needs and therapeutic benefits can be measured by PBI.

Frequently used tools

The following tools are frequently used in the management of chronic wounds and recommended by the German wound conference:


Clinical outcomes

  • Standard set of clinical parameters


Patient-reported outcomes

  • eWoundQoL
  • ePBI
  • eItch
  • ePain


Management tools

  • WoundACT for treatment goals
  • Checklist for treatment
  • German consensus documents

Electronic Scores

The following scores are available in electronic versions:


  • eWoundQoL
  • eWoundAct
  • ePBI
  • ePain NRS

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